About me and Peers at Work

Hiya. I'm Brianna. Over the years, I have come across so many places to learn from leaders at the peak their careers who can share ideas and best practices with the benefit of hindsight or solo entrepreneurs who are just getting started. I wanted to broaden the discourse by talking to those who are still in the early days of their professional journeys, working within organizations, in a wide range of industries.

So, I started PeersAtWork to share the stories of the brilliant people who have inspired me with the way they think about their careers and create a space where we can all inspire each other. . 

I wanted to supplement that an online community so that we can all participate in the conversation. We have so much to learn from one other while we're right smack in the middle of it. 

Navigating our careers is tricky but life-altering stuff.

Let's talk about it!